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Stretching, muscle toning and fitness improvement

Work out wherever you like

Improve your physical condition regardless of your age

Fitness training is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and physical condition. It is a great option for everyone who likes to work on their body and mind alike. It offers improvement of both physical appearance and overall fitness level, which translates into greater self-esteem and satisfaction. Our accessories can make fitness exercises even more fun, allowing you to achieve your goals faster.


The essence of fitness

Fitness training, which originated in the United States, quickly found enthusiasts all over Europe. Many people in Poland start their day with this type of work-out, and fitness centres are gaining popularity. This comes as no surprise, since fitness training has a positive impact on the functioning of the body, helps us to keep fit, achieve a great body shape, and – most importantly – improves well-being. To optimise the effectiveness of your training sessions, we have prepared a wide offer of the best quality fitness equipment.


Resistance bands

PROUD bands are made of a mixture of rubber and latex, which significantly affects the comfort of use and durability. Clear marking facilitates the selection of the right band. The bands have a wide range of applications – they are used for warm-up, training, and physical therapy. They are perfect for any type of physical activity.


Skipping ropes

Skipping ropes are a popular accessory used in many sports disciplines for endurance training. Always handy, whether you train at home, in the gym or outdoors. The adjustable length of the rope makes it possible adjust it to your height, and the bearings ensure smooth rotation of the steel rope.


Training mats

Training mats are one of the most frequently used products in fitness training. They are used for both home and group training. They are divided into 3 main groups – exercise, yoga, and folding mats for practising martial arts.



Gym balls are a simple and widely used fitness training product. The ball can be used as a supporting element when performing such exercises as sit-ups, ball leg lifts or leg raises. It is also perfect for physical therapy.


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