BUSINESS - 16 September 2022

Young athletes sport club essentials

Apart from physical education classes in school, sports clubs is a pivotal form of activity for young athletes. Well-conducted implementation and preparation of minors for training has a very significant impact on their future sports performance. There are many factors behind the success of future athletes:

  • ▪️ Genetic predisposition
  • ▪️ Adequate training process
  • ▪️ A friendly training environment and time spent on it
  • ▪️ Luck

As we do not have an impact on genetics the selection of a well-educated staff and a properly equipped training area provide a real chance for young players to achieve the maximum of their potential and physical capabilities. 

The relationship between the coach and the work environment is a bidirectional one. Even the best coach without tools in the form of equipment will be faced with an arch-difficult task and vice versa. A well-equipped training area can be useless if it is not maintained by someone who knows how to use it practically.

If the club already has a good trainer, it is worth thinking about a well-equipped training area, a topic we will develop later in this article.

Why invest in a training area?

Recently, the essence of promoting activity among children and young people has been on the rise. Parents are aware that sending their children to additional sports activities will translate positively into their success and quality of life. It will shape their character, build discipline and develop competence.

This trend creates demand for places designed for the youngest entering the world of sports.

Where there is a trend, there is money and opportunities to raise funds from state activity support programs.

Keeping in mind the welfare of children and building a lucrative business, it is worth creating conditions that will compete and stand out among other similar establishments in the area.

Training area

1-2fot. CPI (individual preparedness center - Warsaw)

No surprise is that the size of the dedicated space for training gives great comfort. Through the dedicated space, we get the possibility to set up larger machines - squat stations, pull-up machines, RIG cage, or a band of grass for sled training. These provide almost unlimited training possibilities.

Going further, by having two separate areas and two coaches we can conduct two independent groups or pieces of training - motor training and proper training, for example, on the field or court. 

This is the best option for investing in a sports club if conditions allow it. However, not the only one.

Here is a sample list of equipment that could be included in area for functional and motor training:

▪️ Rubber flooring

▪️ Artificial grass

▪️ Half racks

▪️ RIG cage

▪️ Adjustable benches

▪️ Bumper plates

▪️ Cross and technical barbells from 7.5 to 20kg

▪️ Plyometric foam boxes

▪️ Bars suspended from the wall or ceiling

▪️ TRX type suspension straps

▪️ Dumbbell hex + rack up to 25kg

▪️ Kettlebells up to 20kg

▪️ Wall balls 3-6kg

▪️ Battle rope

▪️ Air bike exercise bike

▪️ Jump hurdles

▪️ Gymnastic ladder with accessories

▪️ Dual Pulley lift - Champion

▪️ GHD bench


You should also check out the case study of one of our realizations - Academy of Pogon Szczecin - Polish premiere league soccer team.

Training space without a room

2-4fot. CPI (individual preparedness center - Warsaw)

It is very common for sports clubs to operate at playgrounds. The original plans did not set aside a place where young players could develop their motor skills. The club can stock portable training equipment with a storage room or lockable cabinets, and the players can practice outside.

The disadvantage of this solution is that the players occupy part of the field or running track, and no other activities can take place there at any given time.

Since classes with mobile equipment will be held outside or in winter under a balloon, we are going to be influenced by weather turbulence during training.

Another significant disadvantage of this solution is definitely the longer time it takes to prepare the area for training.

Despite the above points, the mobile training room also has many advantages.

We get the players used to working in all conditions. They can enter training on trips or camps very quickly without any problems.

Preparing a mobile zone for group training will certainly be much cheaper in terms of budget and time.

A mobile zone, despite the lack of larger machines, gives just as much opportunity for training as an indoor zone.


Here is a sample list of equipment that could be included in a mobile room for motor training:

▪️ Mobile stands on pegs

▪️ Adjustable mobile benches on pegs

▪️ Stands for barbells and plates mobile on pegs

▪️ Bumper plates

▪️ Cross and technical barbells from 7.5 to 20kg

▪️ Plyometric foam boxes

▪️ hex dumbbells up to 25kg

▪️ KB up to 20kg

▪️ Wall balls 3-6kg

▪️ Battle rope

▪️ Power bags

▪️ Sledy

▪️ Glute ham rollers

▪️ Single leg squat rack

▪️ Rollers

▪️ Power Bands

▪️ Mini Bands

▪️ Coordination ladders and agility equipment


When planning a motor training zone in a sports club, it is worth considering the current space capacity and budget. Sometimes these two factors will determine the choice of a mobile zone in favor of a stationary one.

PROUD works with first-league football clubs, volleyball clubs, sports academies. We are able to create a stationary or mobile zone for any specialty. Feel free to contact us.