WYPOSAŻENIE - 21 June 2022

3 Best machines for bodybuilding training at home

Free surface is one of the key elements when planning a home gym. Arranging the equipment in the right way makes the workout area functional and makes people want to train there.
The purchase of larger machines, mentioned in today's article, should be considered when you have a space of over 15m2 to your disposal.
If you have such a meterage we present a summary of the 3 most functional and affordable machines for use at home.

Belt Squat

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This machine becoming more popular nowadays in the world of strength training. Until recently known only among powerlifters. Its construction is very simple and everyone can quickly understand how it works.
The working part consists a platform, a belt holder and a handrail. The other elements are the loading part for the Olympic weight, which depending on your training needs should be bought separately.
Why not to use the regular barbell and squats?
Well, this is a good substitute for a squat station for several reasons:
  • • The leg workout is done in a controlled manner. The machine forces the trajectory of the exerciser, so they can focus more on engaging their leg muscles .
  • • In contrast to a regular barbell, the exerciser is able to work on a higher load. At any moment of movement he/she can put the weight down without worrying about himself/herself or the floor.
  • • Despite working on heavy loads our spine is relieved. While exercising on the Belt Squat the weight is fixed just above the pelvis. This eliminates the axial load that occurs when working with the barbell held on the shoulders. The trunk inclination is also slightly different from that of the squat. The machine forces a more vertical movement, which eliminates further strain on the spine.
  • These small details make it the ideal equipment for leg training at home. You don't need the assistance of a workout partner, it takes up little space and you can stimulate your body with it at a heavy weight.
It will work especially well for people who have had knee or back injuries in the past.
In addition, Belt Squat PROUD, to be a fully functional machine, has built-in handrails. Performing Swedish push-ups on them works the entire upper body, "draws" the chest and builds the arms. Including the belt we get the possibility of unlimited progression.

Dual Pulley

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Those who have exercised on the crossover cable machine know that it has practically endless variants of exercises for every muscle part. Thanks to the adjustment system of pulleys and many variants of grips we have the possibility to work on muscles from many angles.
Dual Pulley is a compact cable machine, dedicated to the training studios and home gyms. It has the advantages of a full-size crossover machine with the advantage of dimensions for smaller spaces.
It is a stack machine. So, buying it, we have a fully functional equipment without the need to buy additional load. Although, expansion is also possible here. When you buy an adjustable bench, you get another package of workout options.
Another advantage of Dual Pulley is its height. The entire structure is 231cm and has a net weight of 350kg. The pull-up bar located at the very top of the machine is stable and allows to train even tall athletes.
Dual Pulley will be perfect in a home gym of a person who:
  • • wants to own a comprehensive training tool
  • • dislikes carrying and organizing the load
  • • prefers the specificity of working with the lift than with free weights
  • •  is a fan of bodybuilding sports
  • • has less experience or does not like working with free weights

Half Rack


The Half Rack squat rack is a design that should not be missing from the home gym of all barbell enthusiasts. Apart from being an alternative to squat racks, the Half Rack design has a number of advantages. They make it worth considering buying when you have the space and it fits into your budget.
In many small workout areas, the Half Rack is the center of the gym. We can easily perform the entire strength training on.
Stable construction allows you to mount TRX straps or wheels for gymnastic training. The equipment itself has handles with different spacing and a pull-up bar. It also comes with belay arms to protect you from uncontrolled barbell falls during your workout. The two landmine handles are another point to add variety to your workout. With the landmine you can easily expand your training with rotation, work on explosiveness and muscle disproportions.
For athletes with more experience, an interesting solution may be the hooks for resistance bands located in the lower part of the structure. By attaching them to the barbell, our deadlift will gain new life :)
All of the above facilities make this simple equipment provide a comprehensive training at home. However it is not the only thing that makes Half Rack the most often chosen equipment for home gym. The whole structure can be expanded with an adjustable bench, dedicated weight platform or portable pulley. Such a set gives you a multitude of training possibilities.


When planning a gym, it is worth considering equipment that will comprehensively support training at home. The choice of equipment should always take into account the functionality and size. The machines presented in the article are the most commonly chosen machines in PROUD home implementations.