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Athletic performance center



A few words about the project


Dynamo Kyiv is one of the world’s most promising and successful soccer clubs in Europe. 

The final version of the project of creating a professional  athletic performance center took over 6 months. During that period, we held many conversations with the staff displaying the best solutions for our clients’ high demands.


The investor’s biggest inspiration were the best Premier League’s sports centers. 


The knowledge about athletes and needs on the side of our client Vitalija Kulyba (the athletic performance coach of DK), allowed us to fully recognize the club’s vision, which effected in preparing first drafts of the area promptly. 

The second and most labor-intensive step of the realization was refining the gym’s details. In the process many unique components have been used to gain the effect of individuality of the gym, e.g., stable multifunctional steel structure with club’s branding, the color scheme of the turf alluding to club’s colors, or training machines tailor-made for DK’s athletes. 


The final result is absolutely impressive. 


At this point, one could effortlessly say that DK’s athletic performance center is one of the most modern ones of its kind in Europe. 

What is also worth mentioning is the fact that the entire realization process took place during the lasting war in Ukraine. It was a huge challenge for us in terms of logistic. The determination of both partners resulted in delivering the project prior to the deadline.

We are extremely proud that delivering the project in cooperation with Dynamo Kyiv proved that aside from war in Ukraine, the sports passion cannot be stopped. Additionally, our financial and factual engagement results in tangible effects regardless the current situation. 


The goal

Designing the best possible area conditions for football players to develop their playing skills, as well as preventing the injuries 



The results

The training hall measures almost 380 m2. More than 1/3 of it is covered with turf tagged in the scheme colors of the club. The hall has plentiful applications, such as sled drag workout or warm up/ mobility drills based on sprints sessions.  


In the center of the hall a functional steel structure is located. It is fully equipped with 6 rack stands (each containing a bar, bench, weightlifting mats, Olympic bumper plates from Competition series, and other kind of racks).  


In the project we managed to use almost every category of equipment we provide in our offer.


We couldn’t omit the equipment from our free weight section. Conventionally, like in our numerous previous realizations, we used foolproof HEX dumbbells, and cast-iron PRO kettelbells. During the workouts, athletes can use Powerbag bags, as well as medicine balls Wall Ball. 


 In a football focused training immense spotlight is put on explosiveness. Therefore, in hall’s equipment you can find Slam Ball balls, and plyometric foam boxes. 

There is a separated machnie area in the hall. Functionality and simplicity dominate there. In this area you can find PROUD Champion series’ pieces, such as: t-bar row bench, reverse hyperextension machine, rowing machine, Roman bench, reverse hyperextension bench, and multifunctional bench for legs. 


For metabolic kind of workout, athletes will be using equipment from PROUD AIR series. 

Dynamo’s training area is fully equipped with various accessories essential for football players to activate core muscles- such as gymnastic balls and Half-Ball type balls. 


We feel confident about the successes of DK on its road to conquer PL and EL as now it will be supported by newly created training zone. 

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